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Special Mother’s Day Photoshoot a €50 discount for all the lovely mothers in Amsterdam

A beautiful portrait of a mother and her sons

Treat yourself to a special Mother's Day Photoshoot with an exclusive €50 discount

How often do you get to actually celebrate being a proud mother? Or express your love for your children in a unique way?

Well, being a mother is hands down a superpower. It is, indeed, an extremely daunting job. But, nothing beats the pride of raising your child as fierce and independent as you, and watching them grow with the positive values you instil in them.

This Mother’s Day, we at Panther Studios are giving you a chance to celebrate your motherhood with an exclusive photoshoot of you and your children. If you’re a mother living in Amsterdam or around, this is your best chance to freeze your beautiful memories in our exquisite portraits.

We are offering a flat €50 discount for an exclusive Mother’s Day photoshoot! You can avail the discount through the vouchers available on our website. You can purchase the voucher until or before the 8th of May and use it later for a photoshoot.

We operate through our cozy studio in NDSM Amsterdam. A place known for its rich culture for arts and is buzzing with artists and art enthusiasts.

Contact us now to book an exciting photoshoot and give yourself and your children a gallery of beautiful memories, something you will cherish for many years down the line!

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